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Farmers contribute greatly to our community. They rise before the sun to produce our food, contribute passionately to our nation, and offer trade, employment, and innovation.

We want to show our farmers some love ♥ and in line with our focus for the year – “The year of the customer” - We want to thank you for your continuous commitment to feeding the future, we have launched the Love our Farmers initiative with one purpose in mind – to give back.

What do you need to change the future of your farm?

With this initiative we provide a portfolio of support services including training programmes, opportunities for networking events in agriculture and telephonic consult to help create a culture of wellness. In doing so we equip you with the necessary tools to tackle the important task that lies before you. Partner with us and change the future of your farm!


Farmers – thank you for all your hard work and dedication to feed South Africa in these trying times. We know that you are at the heartbeat of our nation – the centre and source of everything. Through connection, cooperation, and collaboration we can feed the future.

Learn more about the support services we offer

Training session
Network lunch
Telephonic Consultation

Love our farmers training session

Attending training sessions can help you learn how to create the ideal environment and management practices for your farm. Trouw Nutrition SA can arrange training sessions on various subjects (for example, calf rearing principles, nutritional requirements of all animal species, general feed management etc) to meet your farming needs.

If you are interested in learning more or requesting a training session, please fill in the form below in order for our team to contact you:

Love our farmers networking lunches

By sharing knowledge and fostering a sense of community, connecting with other farmers in your area or industry can be very beneficial. Let us assist in the planning of networking lunches on your farm, our treat. 

Are you interested in Trouw Nutrition SA hosting a networking lunch on your farm? Then reach out to us by completing the form below:

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Love our farmers consultation services

We are conscious of the difficulties facing the agricultural community. Trouw Nutrition SA has therefore partnered with AskNelson to offer free-of-charge telephonic counselling services on a dedicated line for farmers specifically. This service is only available while this campaign is ongoing (valid until end of May 2023).

These services include : 

♥ Counselling - Telephonic and Virtual from the comfort of your farm 

♥ Coaching - Managerial and Leadership support services , Manager support & soft skils knowledge

♥ Care - Trauma intervention groups

♥ Advice - Financial advice & Kaelo Money  

All information that is shared in AskNelson sessions are strictly confidential and secure.

Download the brochure to learn more about AskNelson and the services that you can make use of:


Are you interested in making use of the AskNelson services? Feel free to reach out to them on 0861 635 766

Choose your preferred support service!

To show you our appreciation, we'd like to offer you a support service! Please fill out the form below to select one of the two support services – a training session or a networking lunch

Any questions or feedback?

Do you have a question about either of these support services or the Love our farmers campaign? Or you would like to give us your feedback on this campaign? Please reach out via the button below:

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