Profish Ω

Enjoy all the benefits of fishmeal, without the quality concerns. Profish Ω is a fishmeal protein and fish oil replacer.

The benefits and disadvantages of fishmeal

Fishmeal is known all over the world as a great source of protein and supplier of health boosting Ω 3-fatty acids. This results in benefits like higher growth rate of the broilers and better uniformity within the flocks.

However, there are also serious quality concerns regarding
fishmeal, such as:

  • Salmonella contamination
  • Deteriorated protein, due to late conservation
  • Rancidity of the oil fraction in fishmeal
  • In many countries, impure fishmeal are on the market, containing feather meal and other low quality raw materials

Key Benefits of Profish Ω

  • Improved immunity by Ω 3 fatty acids from high quality “Xalar” salmon oil
  • Avoids the fishmeal concerns
  • Higher energy value than typical fishmeals
  • Optimised amino acid profile

Profish Ω poultry is also suitable for diets including Hendrix concentrates

On request the mixing directions and the specifications of the final feed can be calculated according to the specific local circumstances and breeds.

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