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The demand for eggs is steadily increasing year after year. To meet market demand, layer farms must produce more efficiently while using fewer resources. Layer farms face many challenges, from keeping the flock healthy, to good management practices that reduce costs and increase profitability, all while ensuring a high-quality standards final product.

Performance and production efficiency

Production efficiency is achieved when the animal reaches a high level of performance and feed intake while maintaining good health. Feed alone accounts for most of a livestock farmer’s total costs. Optimise your investment in layer hens by ensuring efficient intake of nutrients that translate to robust egg production, good health and enhanced overall productivity.

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Enhancing feed and water management

The nutritional quality, safety and delivery of feed in the optimal form are crucial to supporting a healthy and regulated feed intake. Equally important is ensuring excellent microbial and chemical quality in water, representing the largest component of the layer’s consumption. Water plays a key role in egg composition, thermoregulation and as a carrier for additives.

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Antimicrobial resistance

Reducing reliance on antimicrobial agents is essential to successfully tackling the challenge of antimicrobial resistance. Limiting the use of antibiotics allows them to remain effective when needed to support both layer and human health.

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