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Farm-O-San offers practical and easy to use nutritional solutions for better livestock performance. We use our extensive knowledge about livestock farming and experience in livestock nutrition to develop products and services that help you to deal with the challenges you are facing every day.


During periods of transition, it is a challenge to keep animals healthy and to ensure they maintain optimal production and growth. We offer a range of knowledge and solutions that can help you to manage transitions that occur around calving and lambing, during the rearing period and at the start of production.


Thanks to advances in genetics, housing and poultry nutrition, the production potential of poultry has increased enormously over the last few decades. To reach this potential, it is crucial to manage and improve your flock’s health and performance continuously. Gain insight into the challenges that poultry farmers are facing every day and the solutions that we offer.


To meet the challenges swine farmers are facing today and to maintain optimal production, it is crucial to ensure your pigs are healthy. Gain insights into the latest developments in pig farming and solutions we offer that can help you to increase performance and growth of your animals.

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