Mineral Optimisation Mineral Optimisation

Mineral Optimisation

Mineral optimisation is essential for dairy calves; trace minerals support biological functions required for proper immune function, reproduction and growth. However, in the wrong form and amount, they can negatively impact animal performance (e.g. reduced weaning weights and longer first-service period) and disease response and potentially increase mortality. Trouw Nutrition’s Trace Mineral product portfolio and research enables dairy producers to meet the needs of calves and heifers consistently and cost-effectively, to maintain long-term productivity, health and well-being.

Trace minerals are essential nutrients required by all living organisms

An animal’s basic requirements can be achieved in part via trace minerals – such as copper, zinc and manganese – present in basic feed, such as silage, hay and grains. However, multiple studies show that while the trace minerals in these ingredients meet the microbial requirements of the rumen microflora, they do not meet the total trace mineral requirements of the animal, which is important to maintain dairy calves’ growth, health and well-being.

Our Trouw Nutrition Trace Mineral Portfolio – including IntelliBond, Optimin and IntelliOpt – enables farmers to meet the incremental needs of animals in a consistent, cost-effective manner. Our products effectively reduce reactions with other essential nutrients in feed, increasing palatability and intake, enabling more efficient delivery and absorption of essential nutrients within a calf’s intestinal tract. Once absorbed, trace metals support many essential functions, such as health, growth and performance.

What is the connection between trace minerals and dairy calves’ health and performance?

Trace minerals are essential for many aspects of health and performance, but not all sources of trace minerals are the same. IntelliBond (Hydroxide trace minerals) is a newly defined category of trace minerals that have a unique hydroxyl group covalently bonded to the metal. This gives them a high bioavailability and low reactivity, delivering optimal efficacy. As a result, dairy producers, feed manufacturers and nutritionists will be able to find:

  • Higher nutrient stability in feed, including vitamins, fatty acid and probiotics
  • Improved preferential intake of feed and mineral supplements, especially in calves
  • Greater rumen function and higher digestibility of fibre and dry matter in post-weaned calves and replacement heifers
  • More bioavailability, resulting in higher immune status, health and performance
  • Less mineral (i.e., Cu and Zn) and phosphorus leakage into the environment

Our offering for mineral optimisation

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Selko - A complete package of feed additive solutions
Stability is the key factor when it comes to trace mineral nutrition. More stable trace mineral molecules are less reactive with nutrients and feed components. This leads to better intake of feed and starters and more efficient metal absorption, resulting in improved calf and heifer health, growth, performance and well-being.