Piglets performance Piglets performance

Getting the most from feed for high-performing piglets

You know how important the right nutrition is to your piglets’ performance – and that feed is the most significant cost you face in raising livestock. To get the most from your investment, and make sure your piglets grow into healthy, high-performing adults, it is important to ensure they adequately digest the nutrients in the feed you provide them. This is particularly important right after weaning, a time of significant change for piglets. Trouw Nutrition is here with the right products and services to help.

The right nutrition for robust piglet performance

At weaning, piglets are challenged by multiple sudden changes in their environment and diet. They are typically weaned between 3 to 4 weeks, when their digestive tract and immune system are still in development. As they need to adapt to new components in the diet, they are challenged with lower feed intake, digestive disorders and nutrient losses. To ensure optimal growth, piglets need (pre)starter diets formulated to meet their nutritional requirements and fully support their digestive health and immune system.


Managing the weaning process

In conventional farming systems, piglets are weaned between three and four weeks of age. During this phase of life, the young animals experience significant changes in their environment, diet and social surroundings. Inadequate weaning management often results in maladaptive behaviour, digestive disorders and suboptimal growth. Therefor, proper management of the weaning process is crucial for limiting any negative impacts on piglets’ health and performance (e.g. high incidence of post-weaning diarrhoea and elevated post-weaning mortality). 

Managing the overall health and welfare of weaned piglets should focus on preventing unnecessary stress and improving their gut health.
Dr. Jessika van Leeuwen – Global Programme Manager Gut Health Swine

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