Mycotoxin Risk Management Programme

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Mycotoxins produced by moulds are a growing problem in feed production. Trouw Nutrition’s integrated risk management programme enables feed producers to make data-based decisions and use mycotoxin control solutions more precisely to address this issue.

This programme is proven to reduce overall mycotoxin risk by a 3D approach: Risk identification, quality control and application of solutions. 

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Monitoring the Mycotoxin risk gives producers a competitive advantage and helps them supply quality feed to their customer

"Constant exposure to mycotoxins may lead to chronic toxicity and economic losses. A comprehensive mycotoxin risk management programme should be in place to prevent and reduce such economic losses."
Swamy Haladi, DVM., PhD, Global Programme Manager Mycotoxin Risk Management

Powerful solutions

Trouw Nutrition’s TOXO products provide a complete solution against a broad spectrum of mycotoxins, combining four main modes of actions, designed to support animal health and performance during mycotoxin exposure.

  1. Effective absorption ability through smectite-based bentonite clays has been proven by numerous in vivo and in vitro validation studies. These ingredients do not bind to other valuable nutrients in feed.
  2. Support for gut integrity through specific glucose biopolymers, reinforcing enterocyte tight junction protein complexes, which are damaged by inflammation during mycotoxin exposure.
  3. Immune system modulation through highly purified Beta glucans, which act as immune modulating agents with proven in vivo and in vivo efficacy.
  4. Anti-oxidative support through specific antioxidants and vitamins that promote the metabolism of mycotoxins in the liver.

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