Hendrix Hendrix

Hendrix Protein Concentrates

Hendrix protein concentrates stand for nutritionally excellent supplements to your own cereals and protein meals. lt is possible to select from a wide range of Hendrix protein concentrates for all types of livestock.

Our nutritionists help farmers with specific mixing directions, calculating the optimal feed formula, and so create the right balance between cost efficiency and animal performance.Trouw Nutrition is continuously investing in product development of Hendrix concentrates.

Highest quality standards


  • Quality certified by HCCP, ISO, GMP+
  • High quality control of the raw materials, aspect of production and supply.
  • Several plants are dedicated to the production of Hendrix protein concentrates
  • Help to supplement the locally available raw materials with necessary proteins, amino acids, vitamin & mineral premixes and feed additives.
  • Formulated to balance the final diet for consistent results of all animal species.




  • Intellibond Copper and Zinc
  • Better bioavailable trace minerals
  • Selko AO-mix
  • Antioxidant which can replace vitamin E partially to better protect against oxidative stress results of all animal species.
  • A base level of Selko TOXO is typically included to reduce the negative effect of aflatoxin.

Key benefits


  • Optimal complement to your local cereals and other raw materials
  • Supplementation of fully balanced protein and amino acids
  • Highly digestible protein and amino acid sources
  • lncludes complete vitamin and mineral premix
  • lnnovations for better performance added

Precise formulation and easy application for optimal performance

  • Easy to use do not require sophisticated grinding or mixing equipment.
  • Based on 100 years of experience and research
  • Customized approach - our nutritionists will advise you on the quality of your local raw materials and the required specifications of the concentrates.
  • Our nutritionists will calculate the optimal feed formula of the feeds for your animals.