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ChickCare - Unlocking flock productivity

In their first days of life, chicks have particular dietary needs to mitigate the effects of dietary system change, transportation, and the reduction in maternal antibody levels.

As such, to support their physiological needs and help them develop optimally, newly hatched chicks require a precise combination of functional proteins, amino acids, calcium, and phosphorus.

Our Solution: ChickCare Comfort Start

ChickCare Comfort Start meets the exact physiological demands of newly hatched chicks and benefits early-life performance

By using a micro-pellet as its vehicle, ChickCare Comfort Start guarantees a good feed intake - with optimally balanced nutrients, and better digestibility and availability.

The combination of nutrients and minerals in Comfort Start improves chicks’ performance at the beginning of the production cycle-allowing your birds to achieve steady and predictable performance, with low mortality rates.

Key Benefits

  • Healthy and robust chicks with lower mortality rates.
  • Supports performance throughout life.
  • Higher uniformity and more predictable performance.
  • Extended product shelf life of nine months.
  • Ease of use - for broilers and layers.
  • 1.8mm ‘smart’ pellet for higher feed intake.
  • Raw materials finely ground for easy digestibility.
  • High-quality feed additives included in formula to support healthy immune systems.

Science behind it

Through more than five years of scientific studies, Trouw Nutrition has identified nutritional needs for this early-life period. We have specifically analysed the mineral metabolism, functional proteins needed and nutritional requirements. These are key essentials for the development of fattening chicken from the first days of life. Based on those needs, Trouw Nutrition has developed ChickCare, a unique feeding solution for the first four days of the life of the chick.

Uniqueness of ChickCare Comfort Start

  • Specially designed to deliver key nutrients that chicks need in the first days of life.
  • Functional proteins, amino acids, calcium and phosphorus, which are delivered in the right quantities and at the right moment
  • Unique and positive effect on weight yield and on the health of a chick.
  • Drive chick productivity and help farmers boost their bottom line.