Feeding Reviva after calving will boost your cows’ vitality Feeding Reviva after calving will boost your cows’ vitality

Dairy cow health

Cows need to be healthy in order to produce a good volume of milk over a long productive life. To achieve good health, farmers need to focus on challenges in the early lactation period because most health issues arise shortly after calving. Trouw Nutrition provides solutions to boost the health and vitality of your cows during this time – for more productivity and profitability over their entire lifespan.

Transition cow management

When a dairy cow moves from a non-lactating into a lactating state, she faces many physiological adaptations in a very short period.

During the 21 days before and after calving, specific nutritional strategies are needed to manage energy balance (fat and carbohydrate metabolism) and to improve intake in early lactation and minerals and nutrient repartitioning between milk and body tissue.

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Cow health and fertility

Understanding the role of the fibre index and acid load and the amount of fast fermentable carbohydrates that are needed in the cow’s diet will enable a farmer to support a healthy diet and ensure good fertility performance.

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Mineral optimisation

Mineral optimisation and selecting the proper sources for minerals is essential for ensuring nutritional balance, covering the animal’s dietary requirements with respect to basal diet and antagonists and preventing negative interaction in the rumen.

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