Optimising lifetime daily yield Optimising lifetime daily yield

Optimising lifetime daily yield

Lifetime daily yield is a measure of the entire milk production for each day of the cow's life. This indicator has a great importance in terms of economic performance for the farmer and will reflect animal management, welfare, longevity and cow potential.

How to recognise

  • When heifers’ first calving is too late; it will not only affect these cows’ total productive days, but also compromise their production potential over their lifetime
  • Lactation curves that do not adjust to normal levels, with late milk peaks, short lactations and low persistence, reflect nutritional inefficiencies and management issues
  • Low lactation numbers in the herd are the result of high involuntary culling rates mainly in young cows due to the accompanying high prevalence of metabolic diseases and poor fertility

The impact on the farmer

A low lifetime daily yield is an indicator of poor animal management, inefficient cow production and compromised animal welfare, which has a negative impact on the profitability of the farm.

Low lifetime daily yield is synonymous with low longevity in the herd, which not only affects the farm’s profitability but also negatively impacts consumers' confidence regarding farmers' adherence adherence to animal welfare and environmentally friendly production.

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HealthyLife dairy research shows that managing the balance between production level and longevity well leads to a strong reduction of involuntary culling and increases both longevity and profitability on your dairy farm.

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