Calf and heifer feed management Calf and heifer feed management

Heifer management towards first breeding

It is crucial that farmers keep a close eye on the growth of heifers from weaning up to the first breeding age of 13 months. The ability to meet body weight checkpoints along the way can have a significant impact on the farm’s cost structure. Our own LifeStart research clarifies the impact to help farmers manage it.

A balanced heifer diet supports proper growth

Most farmers feed according to a well-designed plan from the first days of a heifer’s life up to the first few weeks after weaning and carefully monitor the results. However, once the calf reaches five months of age and successfully transitions to a diet including forage, there is a tendency to feed them what is readily available, sometimes without a clear view on the calf’s needs, and stop monitoring growth and development in a systematic way. But maintaining a balanced diet – particularly containing enough crude protein – after reaching the age of 9-10 months is essential to ensuring sufficient growth without excessive fat deposition.

Check your heifer growth checkpoint

In the period from weaning to breeding, there is often not enough attention paid to setting and checking growth targets for calves. Each goal for age at first calving (AFC) has its own measures. See the table on the left for an overview of checkpoints for a cow herd with a mature bodyweight (MBW) of 700 kg, a normal bodyweight for Holstein Frisian cows.

The table shows the checkpoints for an Age at First Calving at 23 months, for other breeds of cows with different mature bodyweights.

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Would you like more information about feeding recommendations at different stages?

You will find more information and research on the NutriOpt platform, which clarifies the choices farmers have to make to formulate the right diets for intensive calf rearing.

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LifeStart science has proved that intensive feeding in its early life makes a heifer ready for breeding – at a good weight and fertility – at 13 months of age.
Dr. Leonel Leal, Team Lead Calf Research at Trouw Nutrition