About us

Trouw Nutrition is a global leader innovative feed specialties, premixes and nutritional services for the animal nutritional services for the animal nutrition industry and offers a complete portfolio for all species of Ruminant, Swine and Poultry. 

In Nigeria, we have  excellent solutions with our poultry brand, HendrixThe combination of innovative solutions (products, models and services), application know how and capable local professionals have enabled our customers to optimise their businesses from a nutritional perspective. Experience shows that Trouw Nutrition Customers often perform better than their competitors. Why is that?  Obviously, our wide range of high quality products explains part of it. However, we also offer our customers access to our global knowledge and experience, via a range of innovative services. This combination of our products and services explains the consistent high performance of our customers.


Our values

Innovative, collaborative, capable and caring: these are the values engrained into our core and that shape everything we do.