Selko - A complete package of feed additive solutions

Selko is the feed additive brand of Trouw Nutrition. Selko’s portfolio consists of feed additive solutions designed to benefit customers active in the entire feed-to-food value chain. These include solutions for feed safety, Salmonella control, gut health, antimicrobial reduction (AMR) and trace mineral optimisation. Selko offers a complete package of products, know-how and services.

Our offer

In an era defined by global trends that include increased regulation, pressure to reduce antibiotics, climate change, raw material shortage and scarcity of land use, the demand is rising rapidly for sustainable and safe feed-to-food production.

The Selko portfolio targets customer needs in two main areas:

  • Feed Safety
  • Animal Health and Performance

Dedicated representatives for each Selko programme are available to support customers globally with the most effective feed additives solutions to meet their needs.