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Prestarter - Unlocking flock productivity

In commercial broiler chicken operations, there is often a delay in chicks’ access to feed and water. This negatively impacts chick productivity. The longer the chicks take to receive their first feed and water, the lower their growth rate and the higher the mortality rate in the first days. Prestarter 0-4 days is the first commercially available feed specially designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of chicks in their first four days.

Our Solution: Prestarter 0-4 days

Prestarter 0-4 days is an antibiotic-free specialty which targets the first four days after hatching. Developed by Trouw Nutrition’s experts, Prestarter 0-4 days connects the very latest poultry research and knowledge on early-life nutrition. Feeding an average of 70 grams, spread over the first four days of the chick’s life, provides chicks with optimal onset of production cycle, steady growth and optimal carry over effect at market age.

Key Benefits

  • Robust chicks
  • Supports early life health
  • Helps to enhance performance throughout life
  • Shortens productive cycles
  • Improves final body weight, carcass weight and meat yield results
  • Increases profitability per bird

Video - Prestarter - Science behind it

Science behind it

Through more than five years of scientific studies, Trouw Nutrition has identified nutritional needs for this early-life period. We have specifically analysed the mineral metabolism, functional proteins needed and nutritional requirements. These are key essentials for the development of fattening chicken from the first days of life. Based on those needs, Trouw Nutrition has developed Prestarter 0-4 days, a unique feeding solution for the first four days of the life of the chick.

Uniqueness of Prestarter 0-4 days

Prestarter 0-4 days is specially designed to deliver key nutrients that chicks need in the first four days of life. These include functional proteins, amino acids, calcium and phosphorus, which are delivered in the right quantities and at the right moment. Prestarter 0-4 days has shown that it can have a unique and positive effect on weight yield and on the health of a chick. As such, Prestarter 0-4 days will drive chick productivity and help farmers boost their bottom line.

More specifically, it increases the digestibility of raw materials and the availability of nutrients. It does this in the right amounts and from the right type, thereby effectively reducing waste. As such, the new Prestarter 0-4 days solution lays the foundation for healthy chicks and competitive broiler chicken businesses.

Delay in feeding of newly hatched chicks

Around the world, current commercial broiler chicken operations often delay the feeding of newly hatched chicks. This common practice can have a significant negative effect on the chicks. Chicks desperately need key nutrients to fuel their physiological development from the first moment of life. Because of the absence of feed and water in the early hours of their life, the first feed needs to compensate accordingly. Prestarter 0-4 days focuses on the first four days of the physiological life of the chick.