If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. With the practical and hands-on LayerGenius app, big improvements can be made for layer farms. 

Improvements can only be made if you have data. But not all poultry farms around the world have sophisticated farm management systems; the registration of farm and animal data usually occurs in Excel, on loose sheets of paper or sometimes not at all.

Our mobile app LayerGenius allows you to manage your flock better by just entering five numbers a day (mortality, eggs produced, second grade eggs, feed, and water intake) and two numbers per week (egg-weight and body-weight). This data is calculated into comprehensive information that compares the production of your birds to their full potential, and shows you in the blink of an eye the past, present and future of your commercial layer farm technical performance.

LayerGenius, a simplified, yet effective poultry management system that runs on every smartphone, online and offline. 

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How to use LayerGenius

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Creating a House and a Flock

Entering Daily Production Rearing data

Entering Daily Production Data

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THe Importance of Recording ALL the Data