Discovering products of the future Discovering products of the future

Discovery Research

The mission of the Trouw Nutrition Discovery Unit is to fill the company’s innovation pipeline with tangible opportunities and out-of-the-box, game-changing ideas. The team is well-equipped to accomplish its mission, with many collective years of experience across a broad range of disciplines.

Every member of the team continually scouts and screens ideas for novel products and technologies. These are generated in several ways: internally, by searching in our network of science and industry partners, and through NuFrontiers and NuTech. NuFrontiers identifies potential partner start-up companies. NuTech, our basic research group, focuses on developing novel ingredients and feed additives, and exploiting research platforms in biotechnology, phytogenics and physical chemistry.

The Trouw Nutrition Discovery Unit team is quick, innovative and has a broad scope. So, what’s next?

Future-proofing Trouw Nutrition

In a dynamic environment, the agricultural industry continues to evolve swiftly year after year. We need to be upfront, fast and innovative to keep up with the quick pace of change. The Discovery Unit leads the change by envisioning and seeking out new products to support a sustainable future. The team’s ultimate goal: to successfully introduce these innovative products through Nutreco's divisions and fulfill the promise of ensuring a high-quality, enduring food supply to nourish a rapidly growing world.

As a team, we are inspired by a shared belief that real growth only happens by embracing the challenge…and reimagining it as an incredible opportunity.
Theo van Kempen, Trouw Nutrition Discovery Unit lead

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