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Ingredient Research

The Trouw Nutrition Ingredient Research Centre, based in The Netherlands, focuses on exploring and identifying new bioactives and ingredients that can be developed into innovative, sustainable and efficacious feed additive solutions.

The Ingredients R&D team is comprised of highly educated and experienced experts from various disciplines. Each team member specialises in a key focus area - biochemistry, mycotoxicology, microbiology, trace mineral nutrition, gut health and physical formulation - to facilitate internal collaboration and a multi-disciplinary approach to developing high-quality solutions. Our research programme covers many different species and is conducted at Trouw Nutrition’s dedicated R&D centres and via our academic and industry collaborations across the globe.

Enhancing gut health with novel technologies

The Ingredients Research team takes an integrated approach to innovating by developing novel concepts to enhance gastrointestinal competence in farmed animal species. We work with key collaborators to address the needs of our customers by:

  • Applying novel technologies to improve the resilience of the gastrointestinal tract when facing environmental, microbial, and mycotoxin challenges
  • Integrating specific biotechnologies in management programmes aimed at optimising digestive capacity and nutrient absorption throughout the productive lifecycle
  • Using feed formulation technologies to optimise diets and enhance dietary nutrient utilisation efficiency

Generating sustainable feed safety solutions to optimise and sustain production

Utilising by-products from the food industry in addition to raw materials and on-farm ingredients are common practices in animal production systems across the globe. Preserving these feed ingredients to ensure both formulation of high-quality diets and improvements in the agriculture industry is a key opportunity for innovation.

Our group collaborates with external partners to ensure high-quality feed and optimised performance with farm feed safety programmes that:

  • Preserve by-product for use as feed ingredients
  • Provide solutions to improve quality and eliminate biological contaminants from raw feed materials during the transport and manufacturing process
  • Apply specific biotechnologies to develop solutions for reducing the negative impact of feed-borne mycotoxins in farm animal species
Our goal is to develop new, efficacious customer-centric feed additive solutions at the cutting edge of technology and science. When integrated into our total programme approach, these solutions will deliver significant value to the consumer and support sustainability of the animal production system.
John Doelman, Manager Trouw Nutrition Ingredients Research Centre

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