Sprayfo calf rearing solutions, for the best LifeStart Sprayfo calf rearing solutions, for the best LifeStart

Sprayfo calf rearing solutions, for the best LifeStart

The first weeks and months in the life of a calf are crucial for rearing a highly productive dairy cow.

Sprayfo from Trouw Nutrition offers a variety of premium calf-rearing solutions. Based on our extensive LifeStart scientific research, Sprayfo products and services guarantee calves the best possible start and a lifetime of high milk production.

Sprayfo solutions benefit you and your herd with:

  • Higher daily weight gain during the rearing phase
  • Reduced mortality and increased resilience
  • Breeding and first calving 1 to 3 months earlier
  • Higher milk production by leveraging the calf’s genetic potential
  • Reduced replacement rate and increased longevity

Science behind it

For modern dairy farmers, becoming more sustainable means the need to produce more milk with fewer animals. This challenge can be met by utilising each dairy cow’s full potential and maximising their average lifetime daily production. Attention to the quality of nutrition in early life, which strongly influences gene expression, is an important factor that affects maximum growth and future production potential.

LifeStart trial Kempenshof

The study: A total of 86 individually housed female calves, divided into two groups, were included in a longitudinal study at Trouw Nutrition’s Kempenshof facility. The LifeStart group was fed 8 litres per day of calf milk replacer; the control group was fed 4 litres per day. Both groups were fed at a concentration of 150 g/l.

Results: The LifeStart group had a 150 g higher daily weight gain until weaning than the control group. The difference this made for calves in the LifeStart group include: improved fertility, earlier first calving, an increase of 400 kg of fat corrected and reduced culling rates.

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Learn more about Sprayfo

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