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Trouw NutriCool supports animal performance under high temperatures.

Heat-stress conditions can be highly detrimental to the performance of chicken as they disturb the antioxidant status and cell-function of the body. Heat-stress conditions also reduce feed intake, as this is a way to minimize metabolic heat production.

In practice, heat-stress conditions can ultimately depress performance and reduce meat quality. Antioxidants are necessary to limit the negative effect of reactive oxidativespecies in the body, and thereby limit the negative effect of heat-stress conditions. Trouw NutriCool contains highly bio-available polyphenols which supports antioxidant status. Furthermore, Trouw NutriCool enhances cell-mediated immune response and increases both feed intake and body weight gain, yet substantially decreases the feed-conversion ratio. As a result, Trouw NutriCool appears to be beneficial in supporting the antioxidant status and optimizes cell-function of poultry under high environmental temperatures.

How works Nutricool ?

Aside from bioavailability, another crucial factor in an antioxidant’s effectiveness is its distribution within the body.

One of the factors that influences this distribution is the water versus fat solubility, which differs for each anti-oxidant. This determines the areas the anti-oxidant can reach in the cell.

Vitamin E, for instance, only comes as far as the cell membrane, so can only deliver its anti-oxidant effect at this site – not in the cell’sinternal or external watery environment. 

The natural polyphenols in NutriCool have been selected to range from water soluble to biphasic (soluble in both water and fat) to fat soluble, which ensures an optimal anti-oxidant status in every part of the cellular environment. In addition, NutriCool supports the proper cell-function under high environmental temperatures.