A strong performing calf, drinking from an automatic feeder A strong performing calf, drinking from an automatic feeder

Dairy calf performance

It is clear that calf development has a significant impact on future cow performance. This is why it’s important to apply intensive feeding strategies to get the best results. LifeStart science leads the way to improving calf performance.

Calf growth for metabolic programming

The early days of a calf’s life are key to the future health and productivity of the dairy cow because they are important for the development of all the animal’s organs. Ensuring the best nutrition during the first stage of life will be fundamental for future health and performance.

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Calf weaning management

As milk feeding programs become increasingly intensive, calf weaning requires more attention from farmers. Today’s calves require additional time to build up adequate compound feed or total mixed rations feed intake, and, therefore, a gradual weaning process is needed.

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Calf and heifer feed and water management

Proper feed and water intake is important for achieving the maximum growth potential of both calves and heifers up to the first calving. As the guidelines are continuously updated, our LifeStart program will support farmers in reaching their newly set targets.

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Heifer management towards first breeding and calving

It is important for farmers to keep a close eye on the checkpoints for heifer growth, which are based on the mature body weight of the breed. Heifers’ ability to reach these milestones will have a significant impact on the cost structure and profitability of a farm.

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Over the last 15 years, innovation has brought calf feeding programs away from a singular focus on cost-savings to be much more future-oriented and intensive, leading to better productivity for farmers. With our LifeStart calf rearing program and Sprayfo milk replacers, Trouw Nutrition invested enormously in driving this change globally.
Eile van der Gaast, Global Product Manager Calf Milk Replacers – Sprayfo at Trouw Nutrition
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LifeStart research shows that metabolic programming during the first weeks of life has a big impact on organ development and leads to a more robust cow with an increased performance later in life.

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