Maintaining ingredient quality for piglet feed Maintaining ingredient quality for piglet feed

Maintaining ingredient quality for piglet feed

The success of any nutritional strategy starts with the quality of the raw materials. Trouw Nutrition has developed programmes focused on nutritional value and feed safety, that can help you maximize the quality standards of your feed ingredients and use them in the most efficient and effective way.

How to recognise

Many variables can cause the nutritional content of feed ingredients to fluctuate, including new batches, a change of supplier, different time of harvest, processing variations and natural variability. Precision feeding starts with nutritional management, which requires knowing the precise nutritional content of the ingredients at the moment you use them – instead of relying on standard table values. NutriOpt’s desktop and mobile solutions use actionable analysis and insights to offer safe and cost-efficient diets in a fast and accurate way.

Feed and water safety

Farmers face physical, chemical and microbiological risks to feed safety, including bacteria, mould, yeast and mycotoxin. Out of 20,000 samples Trouw Nutrition analysed in 2018, 46% tested positive for the presence of mycotoxins, and 26.1% of water tested exceeded recommended levels of E. coli. Controlling these risks requires an integrated approach involving each part of the feed supply chain. Our Feed Safety Programme offers tools and services to help you monitor food safety and apply corrective measures where needed.

The impact on the farmer

Accurately estimating the nutritional value of ingredients and know what’s in your feed allows for precision feeding, which leads to stronger performance, health and profitability. Feed safety is a critical part of this, as contaminations can lower the nutritional value of your ingredients, putting the animal health’s under pressure and reducing meat quality. Preserve feed and water and ensure safety by applying corrective measures based on a smart monitoring programme.