Sustainability RoadMap 2025 Sustainability RoadMap 2025

Sustainability RoadMap 2025

After we reached the end of our Vision 2020 sustainability strategy last year, we set a new dot on the horizon with our RoadMap 2025, which lays out our sustainability strategy for the next five years. As we developed this RoadMap, we consulted with our stakeholders every step of the way, to ensure we took their concerns into account and set clear priorities and targets.

Our commitment

At Trouw Nutrition, we are committed to delivering sustainable products and services that enable our customers to achieve the best results in animal health and farm productivity – it is at the core of everything we do. This begins with sustainable sourcing and reducing our impact on the planet. It is part of our overall commitment to good citizenship towards all our stakeholders, especially our employees, the communities where we operate and the developing world.

A relevant strategy

In a thorough process, in which we reached out to more than 700 stakeholders, the Nutreco Sustainability Platform defined the issues where Nutreco could excel and show leadership, as well as those that we need to address to be a good corporate citizen. We looked at best practices in the industry, discussed our proposals with all our functional directors in order to reach internal consensus and buy-in, and made sure we prioritised the most critical needs of our business and our customers.

An actionable way forward

By including our functional directors in the process of developing our strategy and setting our targets, we ensured we had the internal buy-in that reflects the needs of our customers. We also aligned our next steps with the way we currently do business. Not only will this help us capture accurate baselines, but it will also achieve sustainable progress as we pilot the way forward across the business. This includes aligning innovation projects in our pipeline with our sustainability ambitions, wherever possible.

We recognise that our customers' main challenges are often linked to the complex, global sustainability issues facing the farming system. We work on developing and delivering solutions aimed at addressing our customers' sustainability needs while ensuring profitability, in turn helping the sector perform more responsibly.
Saskia Korink – CEO Trouw Nutrition

Our pillars:

Health and welfare
Climate and circularity
Good citizenship