Introducing Casper Liversage to our team

Introducing Casper Liversage

TN South Africa would like to welcome Casper Liversage as Selko Management Specialist.  With nearly 20 years of experience in broiler and breeder management since the completion of his Higher National Diploma in Animal Production, Casper comes with a wealth of knowledge on what to do to achieve optimal production.  His footprints have been left from small multi-age farms to large integrators that incorporated hatcheries, breeders, abattoirs, and grower farms.

Casper will mainly focus on addressing managerial issues on farms to create the best value out of Trouw Nutrition’s Feed Additive range, as well as on the sale and implementation of our products to certain clients.

On a personal level, Casper enjoys fishing, hunting, and cooking.

We wish him all the best with his move into the Trouw family.

Casper Liversage