Product Code: 13458415     Pack Size: 25kg

For decades Trouw Nutrition scientists have worked closely with top nutritionists throughout the world to optimise ruminant animal diets by lowering feed costs and increasing milk yields. LactiBute is the result of years of systematic research and has been tried and tested on many different farms from all around the world. It is a patented product, with a unique mode of action that reduces the effects of leaky gut, leading to an improvement of energy partition.
LactiBute contains matrix encapsulated gluconate, which has been shown in multiple species to promote the conversion of lactic acid into butyrate. A correct balance of lactic acid and butyrate in the hindgut is important, because butyrate:
• Strengthens the gut barrier
• Reduces inflammation in the gut
• Inhibits pathogenic bacteria
• Is an energy source for cellular metabolism

Product application

Feed LactiBute during the whole lactation at a dose of 16 grams/cow/day.
Where LactiBute is mixed in TMR, add 16 grams per animal per day to the TMR.
•Where LactiBute is included in compound feed, mix 0.2% into compound feed.

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  • Increases the production of energy corrected milk by 0.85-1kg per day, thus maximising your profits
  • It has been tested and tried on farms from all over the world
  • Based on the experience of others we can offer you peace of mind because we know what result you should expect from the cows on your farm