Milkiwean  - Total piglet performance solution

Trouw Nutrition’s platform of piglet feed solutions is designed for total piglet performance. We understand the multiple challenges faced by pigs on a daily basis. Pigs are not produced with a purposeful design but are products of natural selection with blurry boundaries, multiple functions, and unimaginably intricate connections. Trouw Nutrition is committed to supporting pig farmers as they navigate this biologically complex journey. Our role is to equip them with all the necessary tools on their path towards more efficient and profitable businesses.

Our approach

Are you facing health challenges, performance issues, or economic constraints when raising your nursery pigs? Milkiwean, the Trouw Nutrition solution for piglet nutrition from day one, accelerates the development of the digestive system, ensuring continuous feed intake, improving digestibility, and safeguarding immune competence for the best possible results. Milkiwean solutions are tailored to the different needs and requirements on the farm, thereby driving results and an optimal return on investment (ROI) for your business.