Enrich livestock nutrition with Caremix feed supplements

Caremix, our leading feed supplement brand, provides farmers with a portfolio of easy-to-use products uniquely formulated to support livestock performance. These well-balanced solutions offer optimal nutrition while minimising the cost of feed and feed production.

Our full range of feed supplements for ruminants, poultry and swine supplies all essential micro ingredients (vitamins, macro and trace minerals) and additives (amino acids, enzymes and more).

Precision-formulated feed and mineral supplements

The Trouw Nutrition range of Caremix® feed and mineral supplements have been specially formulated to help meet the latest nutritional requirements of ruminants and monogastrics. Included in the range are a choice of macro packs, offering flexibility in a wide range of production systems.

Each individual product has been specifically formulated by our expert team of nutritionists, combining specific animal requirements for optimal animal health and performance.

Caremix offers:

  • Convenience, packing all micro ingredients into one well-balanced solution
  • Consistency, with products optimised to ensure economic performance
  • Cost efficiency, by optimising economic performance, formulated to meet customer requirements which guarantee customer competitiveness
  • Guaranteed quality standards and traceability. Read more on that here

The responsible mineral strategy

We know that balancing mineral levels within rations and ensuring requirements are met without oversupply or undersupply is becoming increasingly important from an environment perspective, reducing pollution and waste, as well as from an economic perspective of a farmer.

Responsible mineral nutrition must take into account mineral supply from the total diet and the on-farm situation. The Caremix range has been specifically formulated to balance a wide range of diets in all situations and is reviewed by our expert team every 6 months to ensure maximal accuracy.

Our Caremix range aims to address the real physiological requirements of the animal, whilst doing this with the least amount of product possible due to accurate consideration of the most effective mineral sources to supplement for those requirements to be met. There are no high or low levels, only optimum levels for production and growth, which incorporate sources that maximise mineral absorption, minimise destruction of other nutrients (in feed and in the rumen), increase palatability and decrease excretion.

How does IntelliBond benefit animal performance?

• Improved feed palatability
- Animals prefer supplements that contain IntelliBond trace minerals over supplements with sulphate trace minerals.*
• Optimal fibre digestibility
- Supports the function of the fibre-digesting and other bacteria in the rumen, and subsequent animal performance.
- Research has shown replacing sulphate trace minerals with IntelliBond hydroxy trace minerals to avoid a reduction in NDF digestibility by up to 3.4 points in dairy and beef cattle diets                   - every 1 point increase in NDFd is worth 0.25 to 0.3kg of milk.*
• High relative bioavailability (RBV)
- Independent university research has shown IntelliBond C and IntelliBond Z to have 1.96 and 2.04 times greater RBV when
compared to inorganic sources of copper and zinc respectively.*
- This helps deliver more trace mineral to the animal’s bloodstream to support health and performance whilst minimising the environmental impact of mineral excretion.
• Heathier, more productive animals
- The unique properties of IntelliBond hydroxy trace minerals help provide a reliable and predictable supply of trace minerals to the
animal, to drive optimal health and productivity.