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Optimal animal performance and business success with NutriOpt

The agricultural business is changing. Companies are increasingly growing and professionalizing while seeing a growing demand in their markets for sustainability, welfare, and transparency. Success in this environment is defined by being innovative, future-minded, and responsive to market changes.

We believe farmers need better solutions and services to run a successful business. From actionable analysis and insights to feeding strategies and state-of-the-art modeling for optimal animal performance and business success.


Why NutriOpt?

Increasingly, the use of digital solutions and services can help farmers increase efficiency and respond with resilience and a will to drive change. Driven by insights from customers all around the world and our passion for Agri and ag-tech, we bring a wide range of data-driven, easy-to-apply services. We do this by leveraging our expert knowledge, world-leading R&D capabilities, and portfolio. So our customers can run their business with confidence.

What is it?

NutriOpt is a suite of integrated digital solutions and services to support farmers with nutritional knowledge, improved animal diets, and consistent, optimal animal performance. With over 15 services available, we support farmers in optimal animal performance and business success. The user-friendly MyNutriOpt portal provides quick access to the selected NutriOpt services.

Among the many tasks made possible by NutriOpt: viewing and exporting the test results of scanned feed samples, calculating the best result for different scenarios on a pig farm, and optimizing diet formulation for broilers.

NutriOpt for you

NutriOpt services are designed for farmers, feed mills, integrators, and consultants to use for swine, layers, broilers, dairy cows, and beef cattle. You’ll benefit from being connected to our expert knowledge, world-leading R&D capabilities, robust nutritional database, and portfolio. Being part of the global NutriOpt network of farmers and feed professionals around the world delivers you support beyond just intuition in your day-to-day decision-making.

In practice

Our accessible and practical approach starts with knowing the quality and nutrient value of your feed and raw materials. Using our flagship portable service NutriOpt On-site Adviser, farmers can scan feed and raw material samples any time, any place, and receive results within seconds on their phone or desktop. Based on these actionable insights, we deliver the optimal feeding strategies or data-driven modeling for optimal animal performance and business success, all based on our world-leading R&D capabilities.

Are you ready to join the digital revolution?

NutriOpt offers a truly unique and revolutionary approach to feeding animals better and more precisely. Our aim is to reduce feed costs while also helping produce healthier and more productive animals.
Casper Niesink - Global Director NutriOpt

Improve your business now based on the latest technology

NutriOpt for swine

NutriOpt for swine

We help swine farmers with detailed nutritional information and support decision-making for swine producers to optimize costs and animal performance.

NutriOpt for layers

NutriOpt for layers

We support layer farmers with a wide range of feeding strategies to optimize feed costs.

NutriOpt for broilers

NutriOpt for broilers

We support broiler farmers with our modeling for optimal animal performance and business success.

NutriOpt for dairy

NutriOpt for dairy

We deliver nutritional details and actionable insights to help producers optimize costs and performance.

NutriOpt for beef

NutriOpt for beef

We help beef producers by supporting maximum growth, high-quality meat production, and animal health.