Worldwide, animals produce 30 to 40% below their genetic potential. How an animal is handled during the first few weeks of life has a profound and long-lasting effect on its health and ability to grow to its fullest potential. During critical transition periods – such as weaning, reproductive periods and relocation to other environments – young or gestative animals are especially sensitive to the conditions around them. Investing in the young animal and pre-birth periods helps to maximise their potential, which enables farmers to achieve the highest financial result possible, promotes sustainable farming and helps us feed our growing population.


Sustainably feeding an expanding world population requires utilising the full potential of all our resources. For dairy cows, this means optimising their daily milk production. Trouw Nutrition’s science-based LifeStart programme focuses on metabolic programming during a dairy calf’s critical first weeks and months of life, to ensure proper development into a robust, high-performing cow.

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The first period of life is a critical stage during which calves face many challenges, but farmers have the first and most important opportunity to implement the right care and management to unlock the full potential of the animal, supporting its future development. Trouw Nutrition’s programmes and solutions will give your animals the best start in life.


For swine farmers, the early life stage of a pig can be a stressful period. However, this period offers a remarkable window of opportunity to optimise animal’s lifelong potential. The first 70 days of life — from conception through the nursery period — establishes the foundation for an animal’s health, growth and performance across its lifetime. Despite the promise presented in this early life stage, the industry has failed to create a holistic, integrated approach supported by science. Farmers had to navigate an evolving ad-hoc landscape, lacking in both strategy and science.

Trouw Nutrition is set to make a difference with LifeStart, an integrated and holistic approach to leveraging the early life stage of pigs, aiming to achieve full health, growth and performance potential. LifeStart is powered by decades of research, deep investments in science, and collaborations with the world’s leading authorities on swine health and performance.

Based on LifeStart’s extensive scientific and applied research, Trouw Nutrition’s Gestawean and Milkiwean branded products offer solutions to unlock the animal’s potential from conception to weaning and beyond.