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Global Validation

The Trouw Nutrition Global Validation team is a dedicated group of diverse scientists located in Asia, Europe, Canada, the USA, and Latin America, who coordinates the local validation of our research initiatives with external and independent collaborators.

Science-based, value-added programs

To confirm the effectiveness of our nutritional solutions, our validation team conducts more than 80 scientific studies annually in collaboration with over 100 leading universities, institutes, opinion leaders, and key customers in their respective regions and countries. The results we obtained generate scientific evidence that is used to further review and substantiate our innovative products, programs and services under local conditions for:

  • Efficacy
  • Mode of action
  • Key claims
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Value proposition

The benefits of our extensive global, local and practical research translate to providing science-based, value-added new concepts and existing programs to customers involved in raising poultry, swine, ruminant, aqua, and companion animals.

Global validation farm network

In addition to receiving academic validation for our innovations, Trouw Nutrition’s team has been developing a global validation farm network for all animal species. Commercial farms are identified and transformed into practical research facilities. We have made a significant investment in adapting these farms and equipment used to execute top-notch research trials with high-quality R&D protocols and statistically sound designs. Studies from the validation farms provide real-life proof of the consistent efficacy and real value preposition of our innovations. The aim is to close the gap between scientific knowledge and on-farm practices. Explore some of the validation farms found on this page.

By partnering with more than 100 leading universities and institutes across the globe, the validation group generates scientific evidence, gathered locally, for the efficacy of Trouw Nutrition innovations.
Yanming Han, Manager Global Validation, Trouw Nutrition R&D

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