Discover Trouw Nutrition’s research facilities around the globe

All nutritional solutions brought to market by Trouw Nutrition are science-based, thoroughly evaluated, and continuously tested to help customers address today’s toughest challenges.

At our in-house research facilities, we annually welcome nearly 5,000 visitors and conduct more than 70 global R&D studies on topics including new molecules, modes of action, ingredient properties, and animal metabolism. Our research facilities and global validation farm network cover the globe, providing us with valuable opportunities to conduct studies in varied environmental conditions. All research meets the highest standards of animal welfare regulations.

Highlights of our latest work include:

  • Unique electronic feeding and water stations enabling us to individually monitor the feeding behaviour of animals in group-housed facilities.
  • Metabolic, health-related, physiological, and digestibility research at specially designated facilities.
  • Well-controlled commercial validation farms to compare our products, programs, and services to the regional market standard.
The emerging potential of data collection, integration and analytics opens up enormous opportunities to develop machine learning models that predict, forecast and optimise animal and economic responses.
Marc Jacobs, PhD, Manager Data Innovation