Ensuring feed stability Ensuring feed stability

Ensuring feed stability is key to marketplace success for commercial feed millers

When manufacturing feed, three components are key - nutrient stability, physical quality, and additive stability. These are essential for adding value to your feed and helping differentiate your product in the marketplace. It’s important to understand how ingredients react and interact with each other, potentially reducing the overall stability and bioavailability of their nutrients.

Feed stability

High temperatures and moisture during feed production increase the availability of many nutrients, and can also cause some ingredients to react and interact with each other. This can reduce the overall stability and bioavailability of nutrients such as lipids and vitamins.

Physical quality can vary depending on the raw material mix, and factors such as hygroscopicity (moisture absorption from the air) and dustiness need to be well balanced to prevent ‘clumps’ or even threats to worker safety. It is also important to ensure that any additives used in the feed are complementary, such as enzymes and probiotics.

Working with nutritionists is important to select and provide a trace mineral source capable of meeting the incremental needs of the animal in a cost-effective manner. Consistent delivery of an optimized level of trace minerals is key to maintaining layers’ performance, health, and overall well-being.



IntelliBond is a Hydroxy trace mineral, the newest mineral technology available. Offering superior stability, and bioavailability.

Trace minerals support an array of biological functions that are required for proper immune function, reproduction, and growth. Trace minerals are present in forages and other feeds used in cattle diets and, with the exception of cobalt, meet the requirements of rumen microbes. However, supplementation is needed to meet the requirements of the animal.



Optimin is a proteinate organic trace mineral, with superior bond strength and bioavailability. Helps support fertility, sustain longevity, and contribute to healthy offspring