TNSA hosted a meeting for its Sprayfo Distributors

TNSA hosted a meeting for its Sprayfo Distributors in November at Lythwood Lodge, KZN. As valued links in our sales and supply chain, we find it imperitive to keep our Distributors informed and up to date on historic, current and future issues.


The meeting was attended by more than 20 people. Dr Mina Abd Elmalek, CS MEA’s portfolio manager for ruminants attended and did some workshops on CMR value proposition, the effect of extended colostrum feeding, calf signals and key factors in marketing campaigns.  The use of colostrum for a longer period in the calve’s life was interesting and many questions were asked on the hows and when’s.  Some alternatives were given for instances where producers would like to use raw milk as well as CMR’s.  By focusing on the 5 C’s of calf rearing, consistency should be adhered to when trying to follow these practices.  Mina taught everyone present how to read and understand a bag label on a bag of CMR.  He emphasized the specific manufacturing procedure and mixing techniques that makes Sprayfo a superior product.

TNSA personnel gave some training to the attendees on the Toxo range, Reviva, Intellibond and Lactibute.  Great interest was shown and the first orders for Reviva were placed right there and then.  A meaningful trial inside South Africa was discussed and will commence soon.

Erik Strydom (Area Manager: EC TNSA) gave some pointers on what to be on the lookout for in milk replacers and how to compare different milk replacers.  Later he did a comparison with all CMR’s available in South Africa and could pitch all the different Sprayfo’s accordingly.

The meeting was concluded by a strategic session on pricing, distribution and marketing plans.

After hours the Distributors and Trouw Staff had ample time to build relationships, thinking strategically, plan and enjoyed each other’s company.  The training took place over a period of two days in the beautiful KZN-midlands.

TNSA values the impact each and every Distributor make in the growth and distribution of our top product!