Trouw NutriCool supports animal performance under high temperatures.

Heat-stress conditions can be highly detrimental to the performance of your animals as they disturb the antioxidant status and cell-function of the body. Heat-stress conditions also reduce feed intake, as this is a way to minimize metabolic heat production.

In practice, heat-stress conditions can ultimately depress performance and reduce meat quality. Antioxidants are necessary to limit the negative effect of reactive oxidativespecies in the body, and thereby limit the negative effect of heat-stress conditions. Trouw NutriCool contains highly bio-available polyphenols which supports antioxidant status. Furthermore, Trouw NutriCool enhances cell-mediated immune response and increases both feed intake and body weight gain, yet substantially decreases the feed-conversion ratio. As a result, Trouw NutriCool appears to be beneficial in supporting the antioxidant status and optimizes cell-function under high environmental temperatures.