Mineral Optimisation Mineral Optimisation

Mineral Optimization

Zinc, copper, and manganese are essential trace minerals that play a crucial role in a calf’s development and metabolism. They support multiple essential functions in a calf’s physiology, including growth, immune competency, and overall health.

How to recognize

Providing trace minerals in the wrong form and amount - either too low or too high - can negatively impact animal productivity. This can be seen in decreased gains resulting in lower body weight and weaning weights, reduced feed intake, and potentially, increased mortality.

The impact on the farmer

To prevent these negative impacts, calf ranchers and nutritionists must provide a trace mineral source that is most capable of meeting the needs of the animal in a consistent, cost-effective manner. Achieving consistent delivery of an optimized level of trace minerals is important to maintain calves’ best performance, health, and well-being.

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IntelliBond - the importance of trace minerals

Trace minerals support an array of biological functions that are required for proper immune function, reproduction, and growth. Trace minerals are present in forages and other feeds used in cattle diets and, with the exception of cobalt, meet the requirements of rumen microbes. However, supplementation is needed to meet the requirements of the animal.


Optimin Orgnic Trace Minerals 

Helps support fertility, sustain longevity, and contribute to healthy offspring