Influencing cow milk production Influencing cow milk production

Influencing cow milk production

​The productivity of modern dairy cows has increased considerably in recent years.

Trouw Nutrition satisfies the challenging nutritional requirements of these animals by translating the latest available research to practical applications. We aim to support dairy farming in a sustainable and profitable way.

How to recognize

Insufficient nutritional programs not based on the latest knowledge can compromise animal health, welfare, and performance, resulting in:

  • High culling rates
  • Low production
  • Low feed efficiency
  • High financial pressure
  • Time-consuming and low quality of farm life

The impact on the farmer

Efficiently managed programs and a well-balanced diet to support the cow’s physiological changes will improve functional longevity and increase their lifetime daily yield. This will translate to a cow’s sustainable lifetime performance and a financially healthy dairy farm.

Our offering for influencing cow milk production performance



The HealthyLife program focuses on the transition to lactation. This practical, science-based program helps farmers increase their cows’ lifetime daily yield by improving fertility, increasing milk yield per lactation, and reducing involuntary culling, leading to an increased number of lactations.

The impact is twofold: improved financial performance of the farm and sustainable milk production, now and in the future.



NutriOpt Dairy model, a balanced diet for healthy cows, defines your feeding strategy based on processes taking place along the entire gastrointestinal tract. This dynamic model provides a unique combination of nutritional and ruminant-specific parameters to ensure optimal rumen function.

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Need for more background information?

HealthyLife dairy research points to the need to effectively manage the balance between production level and longevity. The result – a powerful decrease in involuntary culling – will increase the dairy farm’s longevity and profitability.

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