Good citizenship Good citizenship

Good citizenship

It is important to our employees that we are a responsible company and a good citizen, and have a positive impact on our main stakeholder groups. This includes doing business with respect for the rights of everyone we impact and providing a working environment where employees feel safe, welcome, and able to develop in their careers. And it involves working together in our communities towards a better way of life for everyone.

Diversity and inclusion

At Trouw Nutrition and Nutreco, we believe diversity and inclusion is a core value of being sustainable and socially responsible. Our work on this topic is led by our HR function, in coordination with our parent company, SHV Holdings. We are committed to amplifying our efforts to ensure we can create a diverse and inclusive culture across Trouw Nutrition. Nutreco will continue developing and implementing actions to support us in attracting and retaining a diverse workforce while creating awareness and enabling a more diverse leadership team.

Trouw Nutrition will ensure:

  • One out of three hires is female, starting in 2020
  • We target having 25% women in senior leadership by 2025
  • We implement the “taking the stage” program, beginning in 2020, to help facilitate the shift to more female leadership

Community development

Poverty and food security will be a continuing problem as our global population increases to an estimated 10 billion by 2050. This poses a big threat to our communities and to society in general – not only from a sustainability perspective but also from one of social imbalance.

Our businesses are an important part of the local communities where we operate. We contribute to local economies by providing workplaces for community members and sourcing local services and goods. We also have a role to play in maintaining nature’s ability to function over time by minimizing waste, preventing pollution, promoting efficiency, and developing local resources to revitalize local economies.

To address these issues in the markets where we operate, Nutreco has been involved in Community Development Projects around the world since 2014. These projects are based on “creating shared value” and are strategically targeted to empower and train people in the economically marginalized communities where Trouw Nutrition and our fellow operating company, Skretting, function. Their aim is to raise awareness, transfer technology to increase farm production sustainably, and assist people in these marginalized communities to “raise themselves out of poverty.”

Towards 2025, Trouw Nutrition will:

  • Expand community development and community engagement initiatives to touch the lives of 12,000 people in the communities where we operate. This can be through direct development with small farmers at or near economic poverty levels (i.e., earning less than R35/ day) that helps raise their incomes above poverty levels or direct engagement with local communities in projects that raise awareness of sustainability, educational initiatives, and community improvements.
  • Develop a local supply of raw materials for production in areas where it does not yet exist (Africa and Asia).
  • Organize a local community day each year where Nutreco employees engage in projects to help the local community.

Supporting small milk producers in Brazil

Helping dairy farmers in Minas Gerais professionalize their business and ensure profitability and success.

Empowering women in La Fragua through egg farming

The PLUMAS project, in collaboration with Good Neighbors Guatemala, is empowering women in the La Fragua community to produce a rich and affordable source of protein: eggs.

I now can secure a healthy source of food for my family; I do not have to be searching for what to give them. I always have eggs available for my children to eat.
Rosalbina Ramírez – Farmer participating in PLUMAS project

Want to know more?

Want to learn more about our ongoing community development projects around the world and how they create opportunities? Read more under “Supporting our communities” in our 2019 Sustainability Report.

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